Saturday, February 11, 2012

Neglected Blog... but don't give up...

February CQJP

Tucked in ,9 degrees outside

January CQJP

Time has a way of making itself scarce... I feel like a chick sitting on an egg... wanting to run off but knowing I have to wait for "natures course". Not sure about all this technology yet... how much of it do I want vs how much do  I need.... FB, blog, groups, when does it all get to be redundant and lose the luster. The older I get the more I realize I "need" to pick my passion!
Ya gotta love what the camera does..(. rose colored glasses ... makes me think of  this..)

C'Mon Spring, I'm counting on you early, things are sure gonna change up

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lets Adjust the Wonky

They are square per my re-pinning for "storage"

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

I made up a cover for 2012's notes, thoughts, plans, lists, etc... basic 9x12 blank drawing book...
no chach here... simplicity is the mantra of this new year.( PS. I did not do this embroidery, I got it at a garage sale when I was downstate)

Got my blocks pinned to another piece of flannel to keep track of placement and picked....

 this block to start on first.

Yahoo says Tangerine Tango is the hot color of the year, we'll see. I need the boost this time of year anyway. The book "Color Healing" ( one of my favorite books and one I'll be referring to throughout) says orange is linked to the warmth of sun and fire. Put ORANGE  into your life when there is a feeling of bleakness and boredom, particularly when there is a sense that time is really dragging, when there is a resentment of changes in familiar routine and an obsessive need to have things in their" proper" place, overseriousness and being unable to see humor and playfullness in life,  fear of experiencing pleasure through the senses and an inability to let go of the past. Also problems with blocked experiences in life such as decrease in personal creativity.
Well, if orange can help me with all that, then I'm ready !!!!!  but not too ready ... this is one of the split blocks, obviously I'm not that ready for that full blown orange block in upper right. ; )


Now I need quit aquarium gazing

and having Luke pull my chain by begging me to go in and out and in and out and in and out and.....

Friday, December 2, 2011

ORTS and Blocks

 The subject of ORTS has come up on line. I didn't keep this years but found a good place for some I've saved from the past. They go real good in glass bottom lamps.

 I was lucky enough to start sewing up my blocks over Thanksgiving holiday for CQ2012. Here's part of the green mess. I  joined up in a study group called Tuesday Stitchers that was formed by Debra Spincic as a platform for the CQ project. A step in the right direction for staying focused and accountable for the new year. The Tues Stitcher blog is also a place for some of the followers of TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday), being hosted  by Sharon Boggon of PinTangle in 2012.

I've been able to  pare down everything to basics with my move... what I have left will be more than I'll use a lifetime anyway. 2 tubs of fancies, about 25 books and these shelves/baby tubs ARE IT ! There were a few pangs of regret as I bagged things up to give away, quilt books that gathered dust and fabs I'd never use but what a load off. What was I thinking when I bought/collected all that stuff??? This new sewing table is turning out to be the berries and so is the open space that doesn't clutter me and my mind up ( like they're 2 different things). I'm pretty happy with the way my blocks have come out, I'll post them soon.

Happy Friday!