Monday, December 1, 2008

TIF Challenge and Weather Watching

This is my completed piece for November. I could have souped it up alittle more but have to declare it finished for now.

I waited patiently to get the info for Decembers TIF.. I made up this block last night and got some threads together. It can ride around with me in alittle tin for when I can pull it out. After making it, I cleaned up my table, put the sew machine away and stashed stuff in the closet. I can say that I've more or less stuck to the Challenge and have something to show for each month. I wasn't going to quit this far in. My only unfinished one is Augusts"balance" block, and it's 98 % done.... I'm hoping I'll be able to get this one done before months end and saying Taaa-dahh to this.

I've packed a bag with some things to work on, some books, alarm clock, photos, camera cable, etc. Now it's on to clothes which I hate doing at any time. It's something I always over think when packing wearables. I'm watching the weather diligently and it looks like the week ahead has some precarious moments involving substantial snow amounts. I'm trying not to get worked up about it but I do dread winter travel up here around the Great Lakes. It blows, literally and figuritively, LOL

Felon is going to the vet in the morning to have a cyst like tumor removed from his front elbow. Once he's safely back home, I'll feel better for going.
I never meant to sound like such a downer in my other post. I was thinking outloud It's hard going but it's only temporary. The important thing is being around and nearer the family right now, especially for Christmas. I didn't think that I 'd have such difficulties coming north when we did and when I'm honest with myself despite everything, I see how much I put the cart before the horse in doing so.Hence, my best made plans not always wisest. My husband is in a whole different place with his life and I'm truly thankful that he's supporting me to go back and do this. ......... The phone just rang and the nursing home said that their sending my dad to the hospital for some testing and DX for all the pain he's in..... hello intuition.... I'm freaking listening, see?

Have a good week all...