Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

How does one go about kick starting an old neglected blog? Here goes...

My Greenhouse 2011

The old blog Crazy Here and Now represented parts of my life that have since fell apart. A 20 year marriage, a home I put my heart and soul in, the changes that happened in my family nucleus with the loss of my dad and the sugar coating I put on it all to make it better than it really was. Towards the end of the last posts over there, things were messy and I couldn't even write about it. I did import the old stuff over here so I wouldn't lose it but it's all in archive mode on side bar. After 14 months the dust has settled enough for it to be archived in my daily life as well. Life is for the living and I survived. I've missed blogging but believe me, I've spared you a big dark shadow.

So, now you know and here I am... bigger, better and stronger than ever!