Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Committed vs Self Imposed

I HAD to set my machine up to piece Wippys block; Thanks be to commitments or I would get nothing done! My sewing spot is getting there slowly but surely... & it felt good to crank old "Kenny" (Kenmore) up after so long...

Carole Samples "Dream a Seam" templates came today! (what a doll of a woman she is, and so inspiring)... I took a pic of pkg but I am saving the perusing of them and the booklet as a "reward" for later this eve.

My intent is to practice on Wippys block with the templates and some beads... I am stepping out of my zone totally on this one with what Wip had supplied for fabrics & what I had. I rarely use primary colors , especially red, and it has been a challenge, both in contrast and placement with what I have on hand in the red zone. I'm loving the diversity of it though!!

I would really love to learn to embroider better for the sake of it, but what I WANT is that feeling I felt in the 70s when I embroidered for the joy and the image I created... not for the "perfection crap" I seem to have placed on myself in my 40s! Anybody with me ??
PS.. Do you like how I hid the mistakes I made with a button and a cord?? OOhhhhh , how I love CQ. If only life were like this.......................

Monday, May 21, 2007

Earthmoving Day

As planned, the workers arrived with all the "big boy toys" and did quite well at changing the lay of the land. Day 1 went from pic 1 to pic 2... We now have a driveway and a spot clear for the "man house" (garage). Just as things were settling down, it is crazy here again. Tomorrow morning it will start all over again. The equipment seems to have scared away the hummingbirds, I sure hope they return! Maybe next post can be about CQ.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Mo" is Ready to Head for TX

The main reason for todays post is to put up the photo of Mo before he hits the road for the QC Newbies RR. It is hard when to say enough is enough and I wish I had alittle more time to do some better seam treatments, but in a word, "It is what it is". I have to stick with the time alotted and the recipient has been more than gracious by allowing me a grace period. (Thank you Sharon!)
The pic above is where I did the majority of my work. I found my lap to be inconvenient as I picked myself too much and kept dropping things. This spot kept me in the middle of "things" but organized. The builder finally hung the cabinet doors in my sewing space today so now I can get that set up. I can't wait!
The week has flew by, lots of commitments etc. It is going to get exciting around here starting next week as the landscaping and garage building will begin. I will post some before and after pics of that project for sure. For now .............

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day 2007

Had to post a couple pics of my "babies" for Mothers Day... Felon von Stealth (German Shephard) and Tang & Tasha (Lhasa Apsos). They are the next best thing to kids since I couldn't have any of my own. When Felon came along I thought it would never work out, I thought surely someone would end up maimed or eaten. Felon taught me about acceptance and how everyone deserves a chance to be who they are. Life would not be the same without him now... I love them and the joy they bring!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Posting my First Entry


I have been bitten by the blogging bug. Here is my first attempt at putting my life out into the world for others to see ... I can't believe I am finally doing this!

I've put up a photo of my un-embellished CYT Block. It is part of a Round Robin through a CQ internet group... what a great bunch of gals they are! I would not have done this if not for them and all the eye candy I see on their sites.

Well, I think I can do this.. Alittle more work at learning to resize the giant photos I get through my Kodak software and I will be in business...