Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Batik Heaven and Creative Cue 2010

Wanda from the Exuberant Color blog had an awesome giveaway here. I was one of the winners and received this huge assortment of batik pieces from her. Thanks Wanda for literally "brightening " up my day with all of the color you sent my way. These are stacked 3 deep in spots so this is just a glimpse of the color and prints... just like candy!

I found this "challenge" through the 3 Creative Studios blog. See post here. It sounds just like what I need to get creatively focused and share with other bloggers through 2010. Wanna come out and play ???

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Peaceable Kingdom

Mourning Doves and Deer
I'm always amazed how different species coexist so peacefully in nature...why can't mankind do the same?

Check out how the deer just appear out of the background of trees here... feeding the birds and deer is one of our winter hobbies. Now that hunting season is over, they start to settle down and appreciate the handouts. The deer come running when they hear the coffee can of corn. We have no interest in taming them to eat from our hand... even though we have names for some of them... Fatty, The Twins, White Eye, Broken Wing, Mamma and Osama the tunneling Red Squirrel. They need to stay wild in order to survive.

I know I haven't posted for awhile, it took me that long to upload this video here, LOL. I haven't photographed any of my stitching but did manage to make most of my Christmas gifts this year. I look forward to starting out fresh with a better new year.