Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can't forget Captain Karl

How can I not post the photo of the ships captain? He is not only the Captain, he also built our house and has become a very dear friend to us up here!!!
Thanks for everything Karl !!!!
And how could a day be complete with out a "Tiki Bar" and a sunset ?? What a way to end a day !!!!!! Aaahhhhhhh...............

Weekend on the Water......

We spent the weekend out on the water. Saturday we went kayaking & the water was warm and the sky clear & beautiful. Kayaking is great fun, easy to do, and we can get through water that is only 2" deep so we can take them most anywhere. Dan brought them home for a surprise a couple of weeks ago and have went at least once a week since. (Yes the feet are mine)
Sunday we went out on the "Big Lake" and as always the enormity of it takes me back in a humbling way. The deepest depth of Lake Superior is 1330 feet and the water covers 31,800 square miles. I cannot site the history of the Huron Island Lighthouse now but it has been around for 100+ years. I try to imagine myself living there and wonder what kind of thoughts the people had who did !! What kind of woman did it take to be that "Keepers" wife 8 mos of the year ??? She had no conveniences at all !!
More friends are coming to stay this weekend. We are looking forward to their visit and are planning on going to the Ojibwa PowWow. The rest is all spontaneous. My favorite kind of plan.
I still intend to post some photos of the little quilt show and of my stash and sewing place. Please do not blame me for not wanting to be in the house this month... the woods & water have my name. For now I have been keeping my thoughts, visuals, and ideas in my creative journal of all the things I have seen this summer. I will draw on all of it when the snow flies and I am longing for one of these priceless summer days.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Whats up in Skanee ??

My husband has a friend up visiting this week so we have been enjoying the sights and relaxing some. We never get tired of the beach on Lake Superior !

Our Quilt Show at the Arvon Museum went well and we had a great time pulling off the whole thing. 86 quilts (more pics later) were draped over every door and piece of furniture in the museum, which is an old parsonage farmhouse. The ladies are Nancy, Kay, and Arlene. As all the visitors went through, they raved about the natural presence of the quilts and how personally they were shown. I love my new "town" and am getting involved with the local happenings.
I had to post a the pic of my husband, Dan, napping with the "kids". I have to do an "AAWWWWW" everytime I see them like this.