Sunday, July 15, 2007

Whats up in Skanee ??

My husband has a friend up visiting this week so we have been enjoying the sights and relaxing some. We never get tired of the beach on Lake Superior !

Our Quilt Show at the Arvon Museum went well and we had a great time pulling off the whole thing. 86 quilts (more pics later) were draped over every door and piece of furniture in the museum, which is an old parsonage farmhouse. The ladies are Nancy, Kay, and Arlene. As all the visitors went through, they raved about the natural presence of the quilts and how personally they were shown. I love my new "town" and am getting involved with the local happenings.
I had to post a the pic of my husband, Dan, napping with the "kids". I have to do an "AAWWWWW" everytime I see them like this.

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JK said...

Your hubby looks like he is just resting like an angel! Is that your beautiful dogs there next to him? I love German Shepards, and that one is a beauty!!