Friday, June 1, 2007

True Springtime

We did a bit of treking today... Houghton and back...purchased stain for garage and checked out a few stores that we hadn't been in. Tomorrow we head for Marquette to bring out the "big guns" at Menards. We should be done with the house purchases and be able to get the doo dads we need from town here. A couple of weeks of hard labor lie ahead to get the yard defined and grass planted.

We ended up at the Slate Falls... the air around the falls with the cedar and balsam was heady. I saw some awesome wave patterns in the water that looked like batik and the texture of the mosses was as velvet. Nature has it all going on right now!!

The lupines we picked on the way home... they will be blooming on the roadside for the next month or so. I had paper pieced the little quilt some time back and it kinda looks like sane CQ to me, minus the embellishments. I am working with Caroles block and the new templates and having fun with some ideas. Photos to come soon. Thanks also to Crazy Judyth!! She was kind enough to make me up an awesome inspiration baggie and I can not wait to see it in person.

Ohhh, Blessed Springtime ! It is good!

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