Monday, June 25, 2007

Wippys Block

I have just finished my first CYOT CQ block of the Round Robin for Wippy. Her theme fabric had every color of the rainbow in it and without me having many things available related to her "sewing theme", I did my best to comply with beads and buttons. Wippy, I hope you like it!

I have been looking at all the photos of everyones work and wonder if maybe I have jumped in too deep. The Fairy Tale Blocks, Spring Flings, and Egyptian Motifs are stupendous! These gals have blown me away. Obviously everyone has their own style and my only hope is that with each block I do, I will get better at stitch placement, intricasy, and finding my own niche with this CQ needlework.

Tomorrow, I am sewing a binding on a sane quilt so I can take it with me Thursday to a stitch & bitch. I can sit and do the handstitching of it there.
I am finding a good group of quilters up here to hang out with!



I will be very happy to be the proud owner of that block! hehehehehe--looks better than my first one-teeheee luv ya *~*WIPPY_CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

The block looks really cute. I love that flower thing you did on the bottom of the block - the blue one.