Friday, August 17, 2007

Late in Posting

I have been awarded the "Nice Matters" logo by Carole " Wippy" Sullivan. She is an awesome internet friend whom I have gained great friendship with through the CQN Group. Thank you Carole for awarding me!
I am supposed to be calling on other bloggers whom I admire to receive this, but this late in the game most all I "patronize" have been spoken for. I am stepping out of the norm (no, me?) and am posting 7 websites that I visit often with my own affinity for what they are to me. Here they are.....

1) (see his journal)
2) voyeuring into life
3) great AM weekend music
4) stuff for sale
5) CQ fabric aquisition
6) all the sweeties there
7 the "LAUGH of my LIFE" !!

And to ALL my internet friends who allow me to share their lives and mine via cyberspace.... THANK YOU ! Sincerely, Jane

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