Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally the Needlebook and My Blatant Affair !

The scrap basket got dumped out Monday morning and I was able to put together the cover of my needlebook. I picked out some threads and got to stitching on this project that has been at the back of my head for far tooo long. This is the progress so far.

I think what really got me going was a page in Carole Samples "Treasury " book. It is on pg. 10 that our Dear Carole writes (and I hope I am not breaking any laws here by quoting her) ,"When you are ready, this book will be there as a loving substitute for a living person who knows exactly what to do, helping you to realize that its not about perfection. It's all about making as much beauty as you can for yourself and others. The endeavor asks only that you give yourself permission to make mistakes until you have mastered all of the necessary techniques - and you will."
Didn't that speak to me when I needed it!? I am off on something good now...

During the making of this block, my Kenny (Kenmore) decided that he would not wind anymore bobbins thus his unfaithful self had to go for rehab. I had to call out Mark (F.W.), and proceed from there. We are getting to know each other fairly well in Kens absence, I may even love him, but via a phone call I heard Ken is a new man again and wants to come home. Mark and I are hitting it off real well so Ken may not be in my life much longer unless he makes some changes. Something tells me I have outgrown Ken and we may need to move on to new relationships. I may be ready for something daring, a much more savy, mechanically minded guy. Stay tuned for that!

Sharon over at posted a pic of her CQ/embroidery books so I thought I would do the same. These are the books I use for inspiration and ideas.

But these books are by my side at all times for their sheer ability to show me the "how to's" and "when to's".

These books have taught me most everything I know about how to crazy quilt.



I loved reading about your blatant affair! rotflmbo while I have you here, the Thimbleberries are for me--probably the bedroom--the wall hanging is for our huge hall entrance way..yes, I suppose you do now owe me one--do I need to be on the lookout? ok--I love your needlebook--keep up the great work! *~*CAROLE-aka WIPPY*~*

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Ooohhhh! If you get tired of the needlebook, send it my way! Beautiful.