Thursday, November 29, 2007

Latest Quilting Arts & Etc...

I changed the format of the blog around a little bit so please be sure to look at the links section as I put some of my favorite tutorial sites there as well as some pattern sites. I hope you enjoy it.
The latest Quilting Arts came yesterday. It was chock full of good reading and loads of inspiration. I really enjoyed this issue.

Monday I dumped out the " big tub" of the fancy scraps.

No rhyme or reason, I just started cutting 7"x 2" strips.

I dread the cutting as I have to do the floor thing on my knees.

Here are the piles stacking up.

OK... now what?? I flipped and sewed them to a lightweight interfacing.

Somehow fans got into the equation.

This is the top after I stitched it together last night.

It was interesting setting in these fan corners. I had never attempted anything like this. Although the points don't line up, they blend in. As long as the main blocks aligned , I was happy.

From the back... the seams are bulky but ironing does make them lay down better. I am thinking this will be a table topper or couch back throw. I have a yellow fringe to finish the edges with... but I am not sure yet what other kind of stitching to do to it.

This is the last bag of "church cloth" I am recycling at the moment. I have been working on a large bag of alter cloths and vestments that an old coworker gave me quite some time ago. Her church bought new and the lady knew about my love of sewing and brought the old stuff to me. The first time I looked in the bag I couldn't believe it! The silks, satins, and brocades were nothing like what I was used to and the colors were my colors. I have been slowly cutting it up and removing some of the embroidered motifs and fringes for use on other items. There are whole banner pieces yet that I just can't bring myself to cut up at all.

The Christmas cards I was making are done. A couple gift cards and lotto tickets and I am all set. Of course I will have to find something for Dan but I don't know what yet.

The sky was really clear this week before the snows came. Its one of the neat things about living here... sitting on the couch and still seeing the clouds like this.

Have a great week, everybody!


Susan said...

Love the top you "threw" together last night! The colors are so wonderful, and the corners just make it. It doesn't matter that the points don't come together, since visually they seem to, and you'll be embellishing anyway. Just a wonderful piece!

gocrazywithme said...

I love the strip top, and I agree with Susan, the fans in the corners make it. Please post another pic when you've embellished it or finished it or whatever form it takes.


HOWDY JANE!!! I LOVE THE TOPPER--and all the corners look the very same to me--I see no problem---I sure want to see pics as you go along! I also love the pics of the clouds and the birds, etc,etc...I love the outdoors pics that folks post! this way I get to see how pretty it is elsewhere!