Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some pics from yesterday

I am able to get a few loaded but ran into a problem again. My ISP is either dialing my power back or it could be a program that my husband had me download for him for one of his sports shows. I think it has some shareware issues and I may be un-installing it. Maybe it is still Blogger,we'll see. I use a dinasaurean system anyway so when it doesn't work, it reeeaaallllyyy doesn't work, if you know what I mean. I enjoy blogging, but it when it comes to the photos (which make or break a blog) it takes so dang long to do it, that I lose some of my gumption for wanting to post.

Here is an idea of the fabric cards I'm stitching up. Its a good way to use up the bits and pieces that I have kept... now I know why I kept them.

There is more to this one than meets the eye... for now, it is secret.

I am finding little patterns everywhere and I am mixing and matching; taking part of one pattern and using it with another.

Here is some of my progress on the Blue & Black block... I find that if if I don't particularly like the color scheme or the subject, my stitching shows it. I guess there is still a niche that I am hoping to find where I can do both CQ and regular quilting together. Could be that on top of my grey hair and falling face, I am also losing eyesight. Without glasses I can not see a thing close and am sure I may need bifocals with my next pair. This photo reads chocolate brown, not black- how weird.

Till the next time.... hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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