Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wwwaaahhhhh.... I am Gunning for Varmints Now!

I have no pics today but had to share what todays discovery was! My Christmas things have been stored in the rafters of the garage at the insistence of my husband. Well, we go to get the boxes down today and behold, they are full of dried corn! Pounds of it that he has been using for deer feed! Some of my most special stuffed Christmas Moose and Snowmen???? Shredded to bits. What was not totally destroyed will have to be mended and sanitized. (Needless to say, my husband immediately left the premises !!!) I have just been helped along into paring down my Christmas things and I am not happy to have been put in this position. Do you beleive that this same man said something to me about storing my seasonal clothes up there ????
No mouse or squirrel is safe around here now and had best run for their lives!

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Peach Blossom Hill said...

Hi, Jane! Thanks for commenting on my blog--no, we just shot the turkeys with our camera's but if you were hungry enough. . . .! I hate that the varmints got into your Christmas decorations. I kept Indian corn one year to put out the next Thanksgiving and only had cobs when I went to get them out again so learned a valuable lesson there. We live right next to woods so the raccoons feast on our cat food and we have skunks that sometimes venture near the house and sometimes spray their wafting scents towards it! Good luck during hunting season--wear bright orange!