Monday, December 17, 2007

New Block and a Case of the Lazy's

I spent a considerable amount of time in this chair yesterday. Doing a few stitches on another ornament, watching football and reading a book about kayaking. It felt good to cozy up and do a bunch of nothing.

The week passed quick since I'd last posted and I did good sticking with the plan I made to get some "hot" spots around the house cleaned up and loose ends of life organized. I still have my list of things for the holidays yet but for the most part, done. I'm not that far out of touch that I am not doing anything. But we are not going to Detroit for Christmas and decided early on that a simple holiday with no commitments spent in our new house was what we both wanted. I will miss my family but at the same time I really need to experience this holiday in a different way; with new meanings, new traditions, and a new understanding of what Christmas is to me.

The only thing semi planned in most of my CQ blocks are the colors, not the pattern. I love to see the mood come out, the fabrics buddy up, and the subconscious story that the block tells. I sewed this "boxy" square today (it didn't feel boxy when I did it) using colors that to me looked like the winter woods, the northern lights and cold water. I felt the need to do a block indicative of whats around me right now and just maybe there are a few things I need to square up too. I'll pick threads tomorrow.

The class update is that I go for a back exam & textbook pickup on Wed. More good news is that MichiganWorks, part of the unemployment commission will be picking up the tab for my class and supplies because I qualify under the "displaced worker" act. This is turning into one of those things that was meant to be!

Speaking of cold water, here is the Huron River at Eriks Bridge, making its way towards the "Big Lake". We trekked a few of the roads today and enjoyed the heatwave, 27 degrees. The sky was a crystal robins egg blue and the snow shadows were all lavender.

Till the next time...

PS... Hi to Tophat & Cathy!


Susan said...

Wow, I love your block! I will enjoy seeing what you stitch on it. Love your chair, too. =) Can't believe you went out walking in that stuff and it wasn't even warm!

Toni said...

Heat wave..that really funny..I need to learn from you...Living here all my life I still havent learned to enjoy winter...and its not that I havent tried...down hill sking, cross country, snow shoes, ice fishing, snow mobiles the whole nine yards just cant get into know my favorite winter sport is bird watching from my warm house and of course quilting....I hope you find your own Christmas Joy...Toni

Eve said...

Love the block! Great colors.

Cathy (and Tophat) said...

Hi Jane! We absolutely love our wall hanging!!! Thank you so much. Love your blog... I have to check in more often to see the messages and to read your beautiful writing and see your great pics. Love the winter views of your home.... Love you and miss you! Cathy (and Tophat)