Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thinking 'bout the New Year

This isn't the best of pictures but you can still see all the details in this community project quilt. This quilt hangs at the Arvon Historical Society and was made to depict the local landmarks, the flora and the fauna.

Alot of fabric painting & ink drawing was done on this quilt & even a few of the local gentleman contributed blocks. This quilt is a true story quilt.

I saw this CQ stitch sheet somewhere in my travels on the web but I can't remember where. Has anyone seen this before or know of a source?

I've spent the last couple days perusing the blogs and Flicker sites of the TIF Challengers. It's been quite fun (& awe inspiring) seeing different mediums and ideas of all the creative minds out there. One site I really enjoyed was Vivians . Her nature photography and the work she creates is stunning! I will try to link to others posts as I find things. If you haven't done so, do use some kind of Blog Reader as Sharon suggested. The initial time spent setting it up is well worth it and it is great to have your favorite sites pop up when they get updated. You will definately spend less time surfing and more time creating. Which I admittedly have't done lately!

Christmas was peaceful. We watched movies, ate too much and took the dogs for a good walk. Santa brought me a Shakespeare "Ugly Stick" (icefishing pole), a weather book, Cold Dark Sky by Karl Bohnak and a very sweetly sentimented Christmas card with a lottery ticket inside. The drawing is scheduled, of all days, on my birthday. A new printer is in the works too, a combo Christmas/birthday gift. I have all kinds of ideas in my head for it!

The end of the year is always bittersweet for me, the old year closes and I start the new one being another year older. It's always a time for conscious change and improvement, not resolutions or swearing off, but a time for me to reflect and re-evaluate. What do I want to do in this New Year... how do I want to live... what can I do to be a better person... what have I done so far that just doesn't work anymore? The answers are so different than last years but then, so are some of the questions.

Till the next time...


Susan said...

I went nosing around, but I couldn't find it anywhere, either. If I do find it sometime, I'll forget you were the one looking for it! LOL! It looks like something that might be in a pattern for a project.

Idaho Quilter said...

I love historical quilts, or quilts that tell a story. Thanks for sharing. Your sugestion on sorting fabric will work, empty and start over. You must think I'm a real dodo, a few post ago,
I commented on Montana being a beautiful state, (which it is), but you live in Mich. also a beautiful state. Don't know what I was thinking.I seen the photo of the snowmobiles and just thought Mt. Have a Happy New Year!!!!