Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Into the New Year and Taking It Further!

I wish everyone a very happy, prosperous and creative New Year. Thanks for taking the time to visit me , I look forward to sharing the new year with you via the web & all the wonderful sites, both old and new, that inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing your world with me!!!

Now onto TIF..

Defining the concept for the January Challenge was a challenge in and of itself. The word admire, meaning to regard with wonder, pleasure and approbation; to have respect for... has multiple meanings and categories. I thought about many; authors and artists, mythical and biblical, political and activist, famed and humble, living and dead, real and imaginary, historical and futuristic. Would I choose a celebrity or a personal acquaintance? I appreciate many people for their talents and aspirations, but truly admire?

Let me share with you my hero, Susan Butcher . 12/26/54 - 08/05/06.
Susan, I love you still!! Her legacy lives on here. With Susan and her life as my muse, I will try to equate my feelings for her and what she means to me with thread and fabric.

With paint color chips ( since my printer is down) I culled my stash for Sharon's color scheme. Give or take a hue or 2 (and my poor lighting), I've come up with the palette that I'll use. Some will stay, some will go.. this is the basis. No telling what form the embellishment will be. I'm still bouncing ideas as to what form this will take and will try to document with pics any pencil to paper doodlings I make in the process. I love this " idea" phase!

I've decided to use the Featherweight exclusively for stippling & quilting and have the darning foot and feed dog cover installed. I am going slow with this and have posted several questions to the Featherweight Group , just want to make sure I have it all set up right.

My CNA classes start up next week and I still have the wayward clothes closet to address but the large scale goals this year are to secure gainful employment "here in no mans land", make more time for things that are important to me, to check myself against "brow beating", and to trust more in the fact that my true self is better than any immitation. Likewise my blogging goals are to be more creative and true to my purpose.

Till the next time....

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Cheryl said...

I love both your concept and your fabrics. I'm looking forward to watching this one progress.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing Susan Butcher's story. I look forward to seeing your piece develop.

Toni said...

Jane, Happy Birthday! I hope you all your wishes are granted this new year. I wish you the best. Toni

Barbara Hagerty said...

Beautiful fabrics! It's exciting to watch everyone develop thier pieces for the challenge. Can't wait to see yours!