Sunday, January 13, 2008

Too Many Images, So Little Space....

I thought visuals would be a great way to tell the story and convey my admiration for Susan. Of course the space on this block is limited... Hmmm, what to do? Well, one thing led to another and this is how I solved the space problem. There will be a pocket on the block in the lower right corner (made of the existing checked print fabric) and this little visual fold-out will reside in there. I'll also attach buttons so this can be hung from the block while it's open. I am going with just the one dog in the lower left corner.

I used more fabric related to the color theme on the backs and wrote all the qualities I admired about Susan Butcher and attached them there. I've been reading and researching various things about Susan on the web and found this obituary article here. Do grab the Kleenex box.

I've never made an ATC before and I guess I improvisationally stumbled into something that could be considered the beginnings of one. It was a fluke that I ended up with any resemblance to one at all but Improv is the queen of craft, isn't she?? Here is a link to a list of sites that have lots of real ATC info. Mary at Southern Breeze supplied that.

I am now to the stitching part of the block. Last night I did a row of what I had hoped would look like mountains. WRONG! It looked like the graph on a TV lie detector test. I removed the stitches and will have to try again.

I was also left a comment by a sled dog action group which got me morally thinking about the sport. I don't condone abuse of any animal and I agree that the sport does need reform and mandates regarding the treatment of the dogs. While the Iditarod is a grueling challenge I know that Susan WAS NOT a part of that Iditarod picture. I also believe she would have carried on as a strong advocate for change within the sport if she would have lived. It seems to me that the majority of abuse involved is coming at the hands of angry men and there is no place in any society for them. If a man will beat an animal statistics prove he will most likely beat his wife and children. That's a much larger problem with effects far more reaching than whats happening in the Iditarod. None of this is acceptable!

This has been the challenge of all challenges regarding research, response and respect and I've been taken alot further than I ever thought I'd have to go with this. Geez, the month isn't half done. Maybe I should have chosen an inchie with Auntie Pat as my subject.... LOL !!!

On the homefront, we're getting a good dumping of snow. I'm enjoying my class and have much to study in the next 2 days so I best get to it.

Till the next time....

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paulahewitt said...

This is looking great - they look just like real ATCs to me!
Thanks for making me cry into my morning coffee (I guess the link to an obit. should have been a clue) - what a sad story.


I really like the idea of the pocket and the little ATC sized fold out.Its so precious.

Eve said...

I love how thw ATC's all connect...and the button idea-I'll have to try that.

Susan said...

There may be abuses from some dog owners, but it's like any other sport. You can't tar all the participants with the same brush. These dogs are bred to do what they do, they aren't lap puppies. I think Susan is an excellent choice for your project.

Jane said...

All looking great. I've nominated your blog for a 'make my day' award.


sparkle jars said...

It's so nice to meet you. Your challenge is beautiful and the obituary was very touching. What a lovely tribute. Gayle:-)

Jules said...

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and came for a visit to yours. I love it! The ATCs are wonderful and are a lovely tribute to such a strong, courageous woman. Your project is a lovely tribute to her.
I hope your studies go well :-)
I'll be checking back, you have a wonderful spirit that comes forth in your writing.