Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Surprises... from England & a Dancing Deer

I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people from across the globe through the internet. One of those people is Judith. her weblog is Threadspider. Dont you love that name? She has recently changed her blog address and is now residing over at Wordpress. I followed her over there and just so happened to be her first visitor. I was just happy to find her but look at what she went and sent me.... this postcard she made has "spring" written all over it as well as the beautiful colors of the threads, ribbon and beads. How very thoughtful of you Threadspider, thank you!! Her blog is a wonderful mix of fabric, fiber, gardening, etc.. please check it out

I have to share this photo from the other evening. This particular deer kept standing on his hind legs and hopping from one cedar branch to the next. Spring tonic to him, great entertainment for me.

The birds are also coming back to life with singing and twittering. These 2 Mourning Doves must be nesting nearby as they're here everyday now. Although they don't migrate, they're showing themselves and practicing their cooing... sooo pretty! Yes those are deer legs; the wildlife resides peacefully together for the most part. However the wolves and coyotes are mating right now and the sounds of that in the dark of the night is ominous, especially when they're are so close to the house. Very wary creatures but a photo op is imminent, I'm always ready. One way or other.

Hmmm, now what can I get into??... Jane


paulahewitt said...

I can tell spring has hit with a vengeance there - it only looks to be about 6 feet of snow, not 12 (he he he). Lovely postcard from threadspider - wish Id been first to find her new blog! I have been admiring her new banner...and you've got a real live bit of it! cute deer, Id love to see some coyote photos!

Threadspider said...

You are so very welcome Jane-I'm sorry it took so long getting there. Perhaps it got caught up in the new Heathrow airport Terminal 5 debacle.

I can't believe you have wolves close by!!! Some pictures would be awesome, but in the meantime, I thought the dancing deer were fabulous. ..almost as fabulous as your finished March TIF piece. I enlarged the picture and the details were incredible. Lovely.

Judy S. said...

Loved the photos! Would you believe that we have coyotes in our area, too? They play havoc with the local cats and small dogs!

Angelcat said...

Oh wow lucky you, that postcard from Judith is gorgeous. I just met Judith in blogland and then realised we live in the same town, we met in person last week and she really is a lovely lady!. Loved your deer pictures