Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alittle Stitching & Portage Quilt House in the news...

I've been working some on the Aurora block to get myself back in the groove.....

( This vine is real wonky!)

(And this one came out looking like barbed wire...)

The local quilt store, Portage Quilt House, is going to be in the upcoming Quilt Sampler magazine! What are the odds that I've been able to visit 2 shops this summer that have been featured? The magazine isn't out yet but I'll be anxious to see the shops article and happy for the extra business that Joanne and Judy will get because of it....

I've spent the last couple days doing some deep house cleaning and hoping to get it buttoned up today. Don't know how it gets away from me so bad. It couldn't have anything to do with the Northern Michigan way of enjoying summer as in this video of Kid Rocks All Summer Long on You Tube. Seems to be the adopted theme song up here this year!

(Disclaimer) Thought I'd come back and add that I am not in a bikini nor am I smoking funny things! but you can get the drift... LOL

Have a great weekend all!

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