Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sidewalk Sale-ing, Summer Waning

The Sidewalk Sale was last Friday and my friend Mary and I made a day of it. The Friends of the Library had their annual sale and no one left without a sackful of books. All the shops had tables set out and St Vincents had a 1/2 off everything sale where I found this nifty handpainted tie for a quarter. The tag tells that it was once sold at a now defunct mens store in town. I always love telling the clerk that I buy stuff to cut it up. They gasp then change their tune when I tell them its for quilting. The "ugly tie" now looked better with a certain appeal and a purpose other than being hideously displayed on the rack, the gasps turn to approving " ooooohhhhh's" and my weird purchases aren't as weird to them anymore. ( Yeah, my husbands gonna wear this tie to a wedding or something). We had lunch and enjoyed the people and the weather.

Now that August is here, the busy bee mentality of spring is long gone and a certain air of late summer laziness has taken over. The sun is hitting the trees at a different angle as it falls faster into the evening. Spiders are laying claim to the cracks and crevices of the outside walls, grasshoppers are fat and I no longer hear the Hermit Thrush singing in the forest. The coyote pups and their yip yap has turned more to a "teenage" serenade as the fawns are loosing their spots. All has it's season and I'm enjoying the fullness of this one.


Paula Hewitt said...

what a great tie - i reckon D will steal that out of your stash and wear it at every opportunity. just as you find the first red leaf - Ive found the first sprin blossoms down here

Judy S. said...

That tie has some definite CQ possibilities, Kathy! Love the rose picture...now there's a busy guy.

sparkle jars said...

Love that tie...it will tuck into a crazy quilt nicely. :-)