Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Crazy Quilt - View 3

This block has lost a few pieces in the shattering/shredding process but still holds some great stitched seams and hand painted squares. (please click for enlarged photos)

I've seen variations of this owl motif on other vintage quilts but mostly in pairs not 3's. The roped writing below them was cut off in this pic, I'll have to take another just of it. Janet from "Go Crazy With Me" commented on the last post that she thought the rope writing next to the Chinaman was a stylized date embroidered to read 1889. She's had alot of experience working with antique CQ and restoration. Now that she said that, I can see it. Another clue, thank you Janet.

Todays fan ringed out with the brown velvet and lazy daisy leaves. More areas of decomposition surround this fan.


We were able to finish up the wood clearing in the quadrant we picked this year (and then alittle more). This week was a constant bonfire to get rid of it all. One night I was out until 1 AM burning so late the dew settled on me. It was one of those velvety nights thick of stars to the ground. The cedar as it burned made zipping trails and arcs 10 feet high and the smell was awesome

I believe we've picked the spot to construct next years veg garden. Much more work to be done on that come fall and it's daunting making another planting plot. I've made so many in my life and for moving, have had to leave them. So much work but I have to have them, gardening is part and parcel of me. I've mostly been flying under the radar and staying off line as much as possible (hard to do) and don't know exactly where the past week has went but it has, more time spent on fire patrol, books and movie watching than anything else. That's OK, I obviously needed to.

With luck, I'll get view 4 up tomorrow.


Judy S. said...

These are such great photos, Jane, thanks for sharing them. We've had a burn ban in effect here for quite a while...no significant rain! Last week in the heat there was even a lot of pollution....

sparkle jars said...

I'm enjoying these photos so much. Your photo of the fire is beautiful. It sounds like a wonderful night.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks for posting these lovely pictures. The fans especially just warm my heart.