Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving into Fall - Guild Meets Again

Superior Stitchers is back from summer hiatus. Projects were planned for the coming year along with retreat info and class suggestions and lots of quilts to see too....

Along with the blotto pattern for next month... everyone received the first 2 patterns of the block of the month by Nancy Halverson called Be Attitudes. Be Smart and Be Grateful were chosen for Sept. The same quilt seen in different fabrics is always fun. Christmas Projects are pillowcases for soldiers (instead of stockings) and teddy bears with small quilts to go with them for kids within the community. The photos below are not near everything shown last night but ones that especially appealed to me.

Scrappy Bear Paw.
The colors in this one were pretty.
This quilt was purple (not blue as showing) and stunning
This was made for a raffle being held next week for the sprtsmans club. I love how all the different patterns pop out

This was last years block of the month which was a mystery quilt.
The back of the mystery quilt from scraps

Over the summer, some of the gals made a raffle quilt to raise money for a new athletic complex going up. The pattern shown just happens to be very close to what the blotto block is for next month too.


Guzzisue said...

beautiful quilts, talented people. I admire quilts like this but its not my style to make one, enjoy your journey into quilts

paulahewitt said...

I love the bear claw. I think Im going to make one next (next winter now - although i could start piecing now I guess). i love the scrappy back on the mystery quilt. I think i like scrappy backs more than plain ones - but I like how this has a sort of controlled crazy look about it.

Cathie said...

I too belong to a guild with my 13 year old daughter. Guilds are such a wonderful source of inspiration and support. We begin every meeting with "show and tell" and with over 400 members now - it's a real treat!!