Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Never Iron Velvet ??

Alittle more of the what if.... take a seam, crazy applique over it with ironed circles ?

Let a little straddling sun shine down on it ?

Lay a cut out motif over a seam ?

This What Iffing is not for the faint of heart.. First, not to let what others are doing influence the sense of your own process. Everyone is coming up with some great concepts of CQR and it's hard to not let it influence me. Second, I'm really stymied and its taking some deep thought to break the norm embedded in me. Theres still plenty of seams left for craziness though. This next "think phase" and the ideas evolving have lead to thoughts of another type of construction. What If I take some of that birch bark from the last post and put an if to that ????


This would be Julys TIF that languished in my hand this weekend... shameful really, the progression of this one... the half way mark may well be July of '09. There really is no 1/2 way ideal to this one, not even from the beginning. Just the color palette. The half way may just have to come about from where the block will ultimately end up ???

This would be another pile to be dealt with today... and oh how it multiplies .The Sue Henry book, Murder at Five Finger Light is pretty good.The new Keepsake Quilting catalogue holds a great idea for a pattern that grabbed me and the never ending notes, drawings and magazine ripouts overfloweth. I'm also involved in reading the chapters of Deuteronomy and getting my head full of the fact that "Theres no new thing under the sun". A balm or a bane at this point in my life, Im not really sure.


Paula Hewitt said...

Hey Pocahontas! great porcupine story - I thought for one horrrible second that they were photos of your dogs (those poor babies - but when i showed Matt he said - yeah but what were the dogs doing to the porcupines?)

good cqr - i like the velvet circles - like penny rugs. I think its probably harder for you to think 'outside the norm' because you are so good at the norm! i was stuggling for a while to think how to make it recognisable as cq but not the same. I have that 'what now' feeling with real cq

what if you made patches from birch and joined the seams with quills?

Debra said...

I particularly like your blue circles!

Cheryl said...

Your July TIf is looking good, even if it is still unfinished. Don't worry about being slow. To laggards like me, you're still zipping along!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Just keep stitching and what-iffing. And you'll get to where you're supposed to be going. The hard part is when you're not sure where that is and just have to trust the process.