Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Journey Home ... Part Two

I received a great phone call while gone... our friends Tophat and Cathy wanted to connect while I was down there... I love these two people!

Tophat worked with my husband at Ford Motor Co and Cathy ( thinking she'd retired too, is now challenging herself with a post-retirement job in ad/marketing... how fun) One of the best things in life are finding "soul friends" and these two are it!

Their living room hosts an awesome display of Native American artifacts. Tophat is an Ojibwe Indian.

A museum ( if you will) of spirit and connection to the ancestors of the past

Of course I had to share his workspace. Tophat is an awesomely creative beadmaker and native crafter.

Their backyard hosts a sequoia of unreal proportions to this part of the country. An indigenous conifer that I have never seen in Michigan before.

The braided trunk is paranormal for this region suggesting roots of something that really shouldn't be...
and a fine canopy to sit beneath while enjoying beautiful company

Life is made more sweet by having friends like these

"Miigwech" (Thank You) to both of you...

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paulahewitt said...

what a maginifcent tree. its good to have good friends - soulmates.
btw - great haul at the shops - like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter. (hows that for using my knowledge of foreign fauna! lol)