Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making Crazy Quilters One Block at a Time

My stomach has been in knots ever since I was approached to hold this class. How could I ? I've never taken a quilting class in my life... how could I remotely act like I knew what I was doing and instruct another on anything fabric related? These gals go to retreats and shop classes, their show and tell quilts are phenom, they're seasoned in lingo and techniques. What could I share? So what joy to find out that if your heart is in your subject, you're a mirror of what you love and you can't go wrong. Many thanks go to the wonderful gals, too!

Lots of samples, history and CQ books piqued everyones interest. I also made little folders with block diagrams, stitch samples and finished block photos for them to take home.

Plenty of fancy fabric scraps got the fun going ( this was the end of the pile which thankfully, I had none to take home... I may win the war of spring cleaning yet)

Roselyn and her " bedspread block" ... LOL

Joanne working a tricky long piece

back to the scrap pile

creativity chaos

Asenath's block in the works, 8"

Ros's block working towards18" ish for a pillow top

Joannes block, 12"

Sues block, 6"

It was a gorgeous day weatherwise with lots of things happening in town. Alot of ladies flitted in and out besides the ones who participated.Of course I forgot to bring the camera out until 1:30, but this is the jest of it. I had a blast and all my "butterflies" are gone , especially after receiving this email...

Jane, Thank you so much for the class on Sat. Even though I was late my DIL really was interested. She gathered the fabric and really took to that process. When she saw all the samples it inspired her! We went back to my house and used her 'new' machine and she completed a 9" block. We made a pillow out of it and she took it back to MN along with her packet of instructions and was so pleased. It was the perfect teaching tool for her learn her machine. I made sure she changed the bobbin several times as well as the top thread. She even used a fancy machine stitch to embellish the pillow. Thanks again it taught a version of the method of crazy quilting in an unexpected way. Julie

It was alot of fun and now we're cooking up an embellishment get together, minus the jitters I might add!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Jane, good for you, stepping out of your comfort zone to share the wealth of crazy quilting with these ladies.
Believe me, I know how hard that is. I feel like I've got a permanent butterfly colony in my stomach these days... ;-)

The work your students produced looks great so you must be a natural teacher...and what a great letter you got too!

Momma Bear said...

I'm so proud of you!
you've done what I haven't been able to bring myself to and that's stand in front of other people and teach them how!
you are a brave woman!

paddysdaughter said...

Jane - Well done. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful day, despite your butterflies to begin with. You knew your stuff, your preparation was well planned, and the results from your students was great. Here's to your new teaching role! Sue McB

upwoods said...

Way to go, Jane! I didn't know you had the butterflies. I would have had 'em terribly too. Looks like everyone had fun! Saw some familiar faces there...

gocrazywithme said...

Good for you, Jane! I think you're absolutely right about the inner passion showing through when you teach. Lots of "show and tell" helps too; seems to get the interest up.