Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Can't Believe August is Here !

I got Carrolls block finished for the CYOT RR. The photo is of it. I will be starting on Julies " Fishing Block" next. When I make her block I am going to make extra this time. I am going to accept the Personal Challenge of the "Season to Season" and "Your Favorite Song". I don't know what song yet as I love so many, but I will keep you posted. I figure I can do a little at a time and test some things that I am hesitant to try on blocks going to someone else.

Our house guests have come and gone... we had a great time laying on the beach, hunting waterfalls, and taking drives. We also went to the Keweenaw Bay Indian PowWow. Rane is Ojibwe but not of that tribe. The colors and costumes were phenomenal. Cathy enjoyed her first time in a kayak and the weather was perfect.

I like to put things away after I work on a something but this is getting ridiculus. I am finding that I am not liking the space that I have been allotted as I can't leave anything out. I am so cramped and space is so limited that it is a major production to do anything. I used to have a whole room & now I have an "alcove". The table that I used to use for sewing now holds the computer and I have no surface space. I am on the floor too much and my things are hard to get to. I am finding my creativity and motivation is affected by this. Well thay say necessity is the Mother of Invention. My hobbies should not be so grudging for something that I can remedy... we will see what I can come up with in the space that I am allowed.

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