Sunday, August 12, 2007

Squirreling Up Stash for Winter

Between the mailbox and a trip with one of my new neighbors (who happens to be a quilter!) to Marquette, I managed to get some real cool stuff !! I have been wanting to try some different types of floss including the Caron silk. It is gorgeous! We found it at a store called Knit & Purl. I also got some silk ribbon from the Quilters Garden in Michigamme and some more beads and buttons from Michaels. Off Ebay I picked up a Qsnap frame and an adjustable wooden lap hoop that I know I am going to LOVE. The latest Quilting Arts Mag came on Wednesday, lots of inspiration there. I also picked up an embroidery pattern book from a used book sale last weekend. It has some beautiful antique patterns in it and it was only.25. There is a group I joined on Yahoo, Sewitsforsale, that has lots of used items at reasonable prices. I got "Natures Studio" by Joan Colvin from one of the posts. I feel just like a kid in a candy store!!!!

Dan is also "squirreling" up a stash of a different kind. Firewood! He chops every morning as part of his workout and he is getting lots of cords put up for the coming winter. His goal is to not have the furnace come on and I think he just may pull it off. I've told him that I draw the line at a cold bathroom, we will see.......

I am organizing today and making a list of some more plastic tubs and drawers I need. That should help with some of the issues I have with my space. I am finding that I am a visual person that likes to see my goodies & obviously that can't be the case here so the next best thing is to store it well and just keep out what really inspires me.

Dan is leaving in the morning to go downstate to get our travel trailer. We have had it stored for the past 10 months on some acreage my dad owns. I will be so relieved to get it home where it is safe and sound. The mice will have no doubt had a field day, so I will be giving it a deep clean to get it back into shape. Till then I am looking forward to having some uninterupted time alone; I can keep my own schedule for a couple days and stitch all night if I want. Yee Hah !!!!!



OMG--my hubby used to do this also! in,fact he had a log-splitter when we needed it! :o) love all the goodies and love that town that you took a pic of! and look at yer goodies! give asl whole new meaning to being thrifty :o) have fun--thanks for sharing pics with us! *~*CAROLE*~*

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Jane,
You made a haul, there girl! And two days alone to play with it? Sounds like heaven to me!
Your little town looks charming, and living near to Lake Superior must be almost like living near the ocean. Loved the pic of your DH and the dogs napping. That's tranquility!