Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fabric Auditions, Sharons Block & More... Part 2 of 2 Today

I have had this book for awhile and I love looking at it. Its by Wendy Etzel. (She also has 2 books called Collectible Quilts 1 and 2 that have adorable ideas as well. Check them out to see what I mean). I have been adding to my collection of "wood" & "building material" fabric little by little and I am in the thought mode of an nontraditional Bear Paw type quilt with some log cabins in it. You all know how I love purples and greens so of course those colors will have to fit in somehow. I am putting drawings, clippings, patterns and fabric together in a pile in anticipation of this.

These are a few things I have pulled so far.

I finished the last block of the CQ RR and got it mailed off today. This is Sharon's "In the Garden" block. I tried one of those Spider Web Roses in the upper right corner but don't think the technique came out well for me. For the amount of ribbon I used, I could have made a different rose of the same size with 1/2 the ribbon. Oh well, I tried it.

So now I am back to my needle book and as you can see, I am full out into it. I am having fun experimenting & since it will be my own, I am being daring with my stitches and gaining a good confidence to repeat them.

This is the latest photo of it. I have done a few more seams and even tried a motif in the upper left corner. Can you see the difference from the last time?

I have picked out this button for the closure and along with a tassel, it should work. The pic does not show the iridescence of the color, but I love how it pulls out all the colors of the block.

Now this may look like the most stupidest thing in the world to some (kinda like an anorexic mug holder), but as promised, this is the "thread tree" my husband made me. After I separate all this floss, I sure don't want to lose it and this keeps it up and neat until I need it. I am not going to wind these pieces back up on a bobbin to save so this solved the problem! I do save all my thread and floss cut offs in a plastic bag that's taped to the end of my table though. Eventually, I am going to sew it between water soluble stabilizer and make something out of it. (Another thing to stay tuned for, LOL) I believe I saw that idea in Quilting Arts Magazine.

This is a fun fabric that I wanted to share. I bought a piece of this down at a quilt store in Belleville a couple months ago. It is designed by Nambooka for M&S Textiles in Australia. I can't wait to cut it up.( Please click for a closer shot).

My pictures are coming out dark lately. I think I need to be using a brighter background and possibly another setting. Please bear with me while I experiment & make adjustments. It may just have something to do with how early the sun is setting and I am not looking forward to the "Fall Back" part of the time change this weekend. Yes this weekend, but if you don't remember, Microsoft will.

Felon was guarding this shoes as if they were puppies, what was he thinking??

Last but not least, the finished stocking is on its way to Iraq for Christmas.

Till the next time..... Jane


Angela said...

Beaustiful blocks. Your thread holder made me think of sucker trees we did for Girl Scout events. LOL Good memories.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I'm eager to see how this CG turns out. I'm working on a CG pillow top myself and enjoying it although I am not that accomplished at it. And I love your thread tree--it's not stupid at all!