Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm Still on the Planet .....

but haven't been quite myself lately. Sometimes its hard to motivate or interest myself in anything past the maintenance level of life. But I have "kicked" myself and am in comeback mode! I have lots of PC catch up to do so I will start here.

My Block for Julie

I did finish Julies CYT "Fishing Block" and it came out quite Folk Art-ish despite what I tried to achieve, especially the fish I motifed . I am not thrilled with it but do believe it looks better in person than in this photo. You never know exactly how a block will end up in crazy quilting which is an expectant part of the fun. I am doing seam treatments to Rebeccas "Mouse Block" now and am enjoying it because of the purple, yellow and teal color scheme. 1 more block after Rebeccas (Sharons "Garden Block") and the RR is complete. I have not been doing any good with my personal challenge CQ so nothing to report there. I am just glad to be blogging again after such a dry spell!

Bronze Groups CYT for Rebecca ( Dont you love them?)

We have been doing some outdoor winter preparation around the house but did take a ride up into the Keweenaw to Eagle Harbor. Check out Georges site for a feel of the area...

Western Shore of Keweenaw's Lake Superior

The Monk House

The weather was dry and sunny, great for a day trip to catch the tale end of the fall colors. The draught sure cabashed the display but there were still some glowing vistas in a few areas. I didn't get any good photos of foilage but did get a few of some other things. Mainly the Monastery between the Harbor and theRiver. Somehow I knew better than to push my luck past anything other than lunch, so that meant no shopping. Shopping is something my husband despises and it is mostly a necessity thing when we do go together. That or a real treat!

A real work surface

I can walk away from a project

My New Spot

I have deduced that the 'Feng Shui' around my creative space was bad. I was missing my table as the computer was set up on it when we moved here and what I had going on was all wrong for how I like to work. I couldn't leave anything out and to do anything crafty was such a chore to set up that I found myself not doing anything at all. I had to bite the bullet and fix that problem and at the same time I knew I would be fixing some of whats been depressing me. So I worked on the computer space and my creative space (again) this weekend. I moved the desk down and the table up. I weeded out some books, cleaned and revamped all the PC hardware and now have a spot in the loft that I wanted since we moved here.

Rearranged Computer Area ( with holding cell for wet & muddy dogs)

'Tahtie Girl'

I'll close with a pic of my Tasha.... she loves exploring in the woods and is relaxing after one of her romps. And not to make the little Tang or 'Big Boy' jealous......

' Tanger'

' Felon' (off duty)

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Toni said...

Hay from another yooper...Love your crazy quilting and your Mckenna bom...I am in Michigamme where are you?