Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday & Sunday

I thought I would try uploading my pics first this time instead of uploading and inserting them as I go. That approach took forever and I had to rearrange the text anyway so we will see if this works better. I am still learning how to post better and I'm even playing around in the HTML area too. What "frustrating blog fun" that is, HaHa! Seems every time I post, I learn something that makes it easier.

Here is a pic of the block I finished yesterday (Sat) for Rebecca. This is the 4th block in this RR for CQN but I see myself being a CQ newbie long after this swap is done. I will be thrilled to have blocks to look at for inspiration and I've loved the challenge of this swap. On the other hand, I am happy that it is on the last stretch because I need to move on to another project and at the same time keep the " deadline" momentum going. It has forced me to show results and not just a pile of UFO's ( which is my biggest personal challenge/creative malfuntion).

I jumped right in and pieced this block for Sharon. Her theme is "In the Garden". This is the last block in this RR and believe it or not, I am ahead of the due date schedule .

It has taken on a bit of a landscape look. After I piece a block, I pull out all the threads and embellishments that I think will go and then I have it all out in a basket. Most times I don't use everything I have chosen but at least it is all there for me to see instead of searching it out later. I'll lay it out on the block, tack down a few things with pins and pencil in any motif that I am going to add. For now, this is working best for me.

We took a little ride yesterday afternoon around the neighborhood. We live 1/4 mile down the road here. It was the first day in weeks that we didn't have rain and there was still some color left to see.

Last night the forecast was for a killing frost so I dug up and potted a few of my annual plants. I will do anything to try and have some color alittle while longer. I don't know why, but I didn't get any mums this year.

And of course we stoked up the woodstove. We have not had to use the furnace so far this year and it is almost a game as to how long we can go before we absolutely have to use it.

This is a little wild fern that I dug out of the flower bed and brought in. It made it though the night without wilting and it was enjoying the sun coming through the windows today. It would be great if I could get it to live.

In a previous post I had mentioned that my husband went and retrieved our travel trailer from downstate. Alot less to worry about now that it is here in the yard. This is one of the things that we got anticipating "retirement" but we never got a chance to use it at all this summer. We will have to plan a few outings for next summer and make sure we follow through. I would really love to go over to Wisconsin and to the Apostle Islands area. But for now, it is one of the final fall projects we have left. We need to get the tarp put on and seal her up.

Enjoy your day !!!!!!
PS... I will upload my pics first from now on. It worked like a charm.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Jane! Allie here...thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
To answer your question, the "H" quilt is 40" X 40".
I love your "Say Cheese" block; it is really cute!
Hope your indoor plants make it. All the color you can have is good in winter...I grew up in Grand Rapids and I remember those gray skies well!


The CQ blocks look wonderful and I love the picture of the street with the Fall colors, etc,etc--now, I have tagged you with MEME tag! have fun-hugs *~*CAROLE*~* cqfornewbies
ps-I can hardly stand the wait for you block to come along--I have some ideas i believe you will love!

Susan said...

What great work you are doing on those blocks! I like the term deadline momentum. For those of us who work well under pressure. =)

Beautiful fall pic! I hope you get out in that trailer next year. It's just a world of fun.