Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Husband Home Alone is a Scary Thing

Photo from Yahoo Images
I'm not sure what is happening in our home now that I am away during the day. As some of you know my husband and I are working out our life after his retirement. He has taken to reading various newspapers and sports reviews online, which include videos, link clips and downloads.

I have been the keeper of the internet domain at our house for the past 7 years. Dan now believes he is the King of Yahoo and thinks he can navigate YouTube, FoobToob and every site inbetween, all while listening to his favorite Detroit radio station. UP.NET, our Mickey Mouse ISP up here in the woods, must see radiological voltage spikes coming from our connection. Every eve when I get home, I have to do a massive shutdown and reboot, including the reset of the internet modem just to check my email. (I can just about see the sparks shooting from the cable box when I pull in.) Its a risky proposition these days doing anything online. I'm glad he's learning, but it's taking its toll on our old HP. Not to mention the time I allott myself.

Between yesterdays blizzard, my studies and all the usual personal dilemas,
I am barring his arse from the mouse, and am hoping to get caught up on my photos, posts, and replies tomorrow.

Thanks for being patient...

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jane, I do sympathize with you. You poor dear. I have not experienced a "Retired" DH yet but it will be coming in the next year or two. You are certainly not alone up there in the Far North. WE have heaps of snow and it has been OH sooo cold down here too. Oh where OH where is Spring. It can not come to soon. Hugs Judy