Friday, February 1, 2008

Into February ... TIF and "Mo" Coming Home

I got a photo loaded of the block I made for the February TIF Challenge. I picked some threads and embellishments with the color theme but have no clue what to do with the theme question. Again, I'll have to see what I use out of what I pulled from stash and combine it with my thoughts of what I am old enough to remember. I am taking the lead from a few others who are destashing and am using what I have on hand. No purchase neccessary LOL. I even came across a pack of Angelina fiber of what I think is the right color for this. I've not used Angelina before.

As far as January goes, my finished TIF piece can be found by clicking here. This will take you to the "Take It Further Blog" that Debra Spincic set up. I am having a monster time with photo uploading once again but at least I got the photo put up over there.

I am waiting for the "Geronimo" blocks to come home this week. The swap was done through CQN and Carole over at Wippys Place posted Thursday that they are on there way. I can't wait to put them together as I have the perfect place to display them.

The computer will be going in for service. They diagnosed some type of spyware that is playing havoc with everything. Again my apologies for this but I have a list set aside of those of you I need to catch up with and will ASAP.

So heres to another busy week, I'll be doing my clinical which is everyday from 7-3. Hopefully I'll know by weeks end if I get a job out of this.

Till the next time...


Susan said...

I love your block - it's just gorgeous, and I'm sure your embellishments will be, too.

Loved the chat about your husband's use of the internet, too. LOL! Maybe a good time to upgrade to *two* computers! =)

verobirdie said...

When your picture appeared on my screen, I though "gosh, she has already finished February TIF!" Then I realized it was the preparation. But I think the way you've put all the pieces could be a good start for a design.

Jacqui said...

good luck with the job. I will admit I am not a crazy quilt fan but I like the little dog looking out in your Jan peice.

Idaho Quilter said...

I worry about my computer too, I use a spyware progam but they still get through, BUT I am not going to quit visiting all my wonderful new friends. Hope yours gets well soon, I enjoy your blog.