Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Trip Downstate

The trip down Saturday was pretty uneventful but it still took me 9 hours of straight driving. I left Wednesday at 5:55 AM to come home and the sunrise looked like this. It was -10 degrees when I took this photo.

I crossed over into the UP at 10 AM. The farther north I got, the more apparent it became that I was in for a rough ride on the final leg of the journey along Lake Superior. The thoughts of home spurred me on and I pulled in at 3:30. Not bad considering.

Here we are gathered around the table at the rehab clinic where my dad is. He is doing much better there than he was at home and it's looking like his neuropathy has progressed to the point where he may require round the clock care. My mom is not able to live alone because of her health so we were discussing what options we have and trying to get everyone on the same page of probabilities. So hard to deal with this from so far away.

Of course I had to have a run into my favorite thread store in Howell. I garnered some new fibers and a couple hanks of beads. I also got 2 different needle threaders by Clover to help my weary eyes & my sis gave me the Caladium fabric scrap left over from what shes working on.

I am itching to start a new project or 2.


paulahewitt said...

Im glad you made it back safe and sound. It sounds like your dad is sorted. I hope that you work out everything with your mums care - from what I experienced in my family the hardest part is getting the person to acknowledge they need the care - its hard a drag an older person kicking and screaming into reality when they have dug their heels in.

Susan said...

Glad you got home safely. I know you loved visiting with your dad, and I loved seeing the new acquisitions to your stash. =)