Sunday, February 24, 2008

Signs in the Sky & Some Fabric Organizing (again)

We just took a ride in the woods and by the camp of a friend, I looked up and saw these contrails in the sun. Looks like the symbols of love with the O & X. Yes it is a love-ly kind of day here, clear and warm.

I put together this shelf and pulled out the majority of my fabric. I need some visual stimuli and thought of no better way than looking at color. I have mostly batiks and the bottom shelf is velvets and soft fabrics.

I saw this quilt over on Caroles blog and would really love to make one similar to it.

I also took the fancy scraps and organized them. The larger pieces of "silkies" in the oblong basket, the muslin and interfacing, the brocades and tulles bagged separate. All fits nicley in the cedar chest.

I 've really been putting off this chore, St Vinnies here I come. This photo doesn't look as bad as it is, but IT IS. The builder needs to install our closet doors and he can't until I address this.Do you see the white bag? Those are scrubs to wash and hang. Now that I've shared it, I have to fix it!

I am trying to get things buttoned up before the job. I went for X rays and lab work Friday, this Monday finger printing, Thursday a Physical. I won't celebrate until I punch the time clock for the first time. This employment process has taken longer than any other job I've ever applied to before.

We had lots of friends stopping by yesterday. Despite the snow on the ground, it was warm and clear. Cabin Fever was banished if only for the weekend. Karl, (left) Charlie & Roxy.

I can't tell you when the last time was that we had seen anything resembling a shadow and we're tired of bundling up like Michelin men !

Dan made meatballs and if you came by, you got some. They were yummy. My husband is a great cook and he enjoys it. Lucky me, huh? I think if you click on the recipe it will get large enough for you to copy it. I highly recommend this Schulers version.

Felon, our dog, and Karls Luke, ( the new baby on the block ) had a blast playing in the snow. There was never a dull moment yesterday as they rookused together.

On animals, this is a photo I took last week of the deer herd that comes to eat daily.. The top count at one time was 19 but on the average we get 10.

We got them a couple bails of clover hay to enhance their corn diet & they love it as you can see.

Although dark, here is a close up of a resident chickadee on the suet hanger. All the animals have kept us entertained this winter.

I'm thinking this has my blogging caught up, so till the next time,



paulahewitt said...

I continue to be amazed by how different every ones lives and experiences are - snow, deer (v. cute), warm sun on snow - so different to the rainforests, wallabies, 104 F temps and constant rain here! good luck with the closet oganisation. pity i dont live closer - i' come and help - Im running out of housework here!

Marty52 said...

You have some beautiful batiks in your stash! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today... stay warm up there!! ;0)

Susan said...

Wow, I love your batiks. That's sure to inspire you! The deer feeding is so nice. I have a friend whose husband has been feeding apples. Now the deer are coming up to the door and "knocking" with their hooves when *they* think it's apple time!