Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So much for cleaning out ... just move over alittle

When you're the picture taker in the family it ends up where there's not too many photos of yourself but I got Dan to take a couple today and finally have one put up on the sidebar. Out of the few he took this one seems to show what looks most like me.

I made a bit of a mess today organizing my inspiration boxes. The 2 plastic totes that I use for ideas, inspirations and color pallettes are being added to. One is for crazy quilting, the other for sane quilts. The CQ one has stitch ideas, templates, etc and holds a notebook of what I've collected regarding CQ history. The SQ box has fabric swatches, patterns, lists and notes. I want to fix up my creative journal with some of the things that are in these.

I partially blame my quilting friend Barb for this! Yesterday she gave me a couple of paper sacks full of what she was ridding herself of. Now I don't buy many magazines, Quilting Arts is my only subscription. So you can imagine the fun I've been having perusing, clipping and dreaming.

Yesterday when I went to Houghton/Hancock I was able to stop at a 2 stores. I had never been to the Salvation Army in Hancock and had the time to stop. I got a few Birds and Blooms magazines, 2 books and a great piece of lavender velvet to the tune of $2.00 Of course I had to stop at the Portage House quilt shop in Chassel and found 5 flannel FQ's in a purple toned outdoor theme. ( and I'm supposed to getting organized and pared down, LOL)

My sister sent me home with these books so it looks like I have more than enough reading material to get me through these last couple months of winter.

I've been seeing a fabric designed by Mark Lipinski called Katmandu. It's a printed fabric to be stitched on. Over on JK's blog you can see what shes done with it. Looks like it might be fun!

With any luck I'll have a journal pic to show next time. Till then..... Jane


Threadspider said...

What great purchases! Our Charity (Thrift) shops here seem so expensive by comparison. You seem to have hit Spring cleaning mode! I feel the need to do the same...

paulahewitt said...

Its good to see a photo of you! I do love poking around in thrift shops when I get a chance...but again - they seem cheaper over there (then again almost everything does!) did I inspire you to have a tidy up...or were you worried your place would end up looking like mine??

Judy S. said...

Hi Jane,

That's a great photo! Is that a lake or snow in the background? The UP is a pretty place; I know what you mean though about driving on the bridge. We thought it was a bit scary on a perfect September day! I can't imagine it in snow and wind.

You're inspiring me to tackle my sewing room where the bed has "disappeared"!

Happy Quilting!