Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back to Aurora Borealis Block

The Aurora Borealis block is out again... see this post... I put it in a tin (good for porting) along with it's threads and will keep at it till finished this time. In my "cleaning" I found this unfinished postcard depicting the photo. one of my favorite places on earth. Another good thing to finish.

A pretty uneventful day. Although the sun was out, not much snow melted. I think we're loosing more at earth level than off the actual surface however my walking stick is still measuring 3 feet in spots. We're getting longer days now as the sun climbs closer into the northern hemisphere. I am so thankful for that change !!! I believe daylight savings time will be happening in about a month. Early this year, just like Easter.

I had my employment physical today and made a pot of Congressional Bean Soup with some ham. Don't ask me why it's called that. If any one knows the recipe and the reason for the name, please let me know. Which reminds me...I got gasoline while I was in town. Citgo had it for a $3.22 a gallon. I drove 5 miles to the Indian Store (owned by the Keweenaw Ojibway Tribe) and payed $2.97. A whopping 25 cent difference! Hmmm, maybe I just answered my own question about the Congressional Bean name . LOL

Till the next time... Jane


Judy S. said...

MMMMMM.....your soup looks yummy! That's a very pretty block you found. I've only seen the aurora borealis in northern WI, many years ago. You'd think we'd see it here, but often it's very cloudy, and city lights don't help your stargazing either.

Have a good weekend!

JK said...

Hi doing okay? Thanks so much hon for all your wonderful posts on my blog...The Syd Man is doing much better now..goofy cat..

Do you know that I am doing the same thing with my UFO's? I don't know why I start these things and they end up in plastic bags and put away. However so far I have finished three UFO's which is a big feat for me... I like the Aurora Borealis block..those colors are so pretty! I look forward to seeing it finished.

Susan said...

Soup looks yummy. I love bean soups. I like the aurora block - the one seam on it is really interesting.