Friday, February 29, 2008

Finds in the Big, Dark Closet...

My closet was holding massive treasure. A giant black contractors bag has been hauled to my truck. Ya know what they say..... a year ??? Time for it to go. But some things I'll hold onto forever.
The maker of this dress was my Aunt Fern ( my maternal grandmas sister). The dress is 47 years old. I thought I'd wash it to freshen it up, but changed my mind. No sense wrecking it....

Here is a photo of me wearing this dress. I was 2. My mom had just cut my hair for the first time -Chop, Chop- and my front tooth had been knocked out ( prematurely) from a calamity of my brother baby sitting. Believe it or not, I remember this..... us jumping on the couch in horseplay and me getting the brunt. The embroidery on the collar is so sweet and the gathered apron is full. I can't believe that I was ever so tiny. Please click the photos for a larger view.

And a couple of little purses, what can I recycle these into??? I'll never use them as they are, the straps are way to flimsy for my lifestyle.

I am calling Karl tomorrow to see about getting the closet doors hung.( It's about time, 11 mos and a few days !) The punch list finale.

Sharon B's blog feed just came through with the March TIF challenge. Awesome colors... ones I love to work with ...hmmmm... the tiny details of life. ???

Over on Rissa Roots blog post of 2/27/08 , she posted that Dee Stark had passed away. I don't know the particulars nor have I been able to find anything else on the web, but my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. She was a dedicated crazy quilter of both its craft and history, She also produced a book entitled A Spider Web for Luck... a compilation of history and stitches about CQ. I'm not sure if this book was self published or not but I never got a chance to see it. I'm sure as as an advocate of CQ she would tell us all to stitch our dreams and enjoy our days!

Till the next time.... Jane


Susan said...

What an adorable little dress. You looked so cute in it!

The purses are cute, and I can't think of a darned thing to make them into, but I'm sure someone will!

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Jane, I hadn't visited your blog in awhile and was pleased to see you've added a photo of yourself as well as the cutie you were at 2! I added a photo of myself to mine recently too; great minds do indeed think alike! Took mine myself with my digital, and it only took about 50 shots before I got one that I could live with. Then my daughter told me she didn't like it. DH was very diplomatic about it, so he probably didn't like it either, but it's too late now.
Best of luck with your new job!