Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Month - Choosing the Fabrics for TIF

I got out the bag of paint chips again and held them up to the color strip that Sharon provided. This seems to be the best way so far for me to get the pallette right. The fun part is pulling out fabric that goes with it. It seems to set the first ball in motion about how I'll proceed and what "feel" the block will have. The purple paint chip was not as "royal" as the actual color but I made up for it while I was "picking". Of course not all will go and it's always interesting to see which fabrics do end up in the block. The rest sit to cheer from the side lines as inspiration.

I always like to get the block pieced in the first few days to guard against all that can and ususally does come up to hinder me. I also like to have an idea of what it will be when finished as well as my initial understanding of the theme. I wrote a few pages down as things came to mind. I 'm trying to complete the project and not let it become some orphan something or other. So far so good as to honoring my pledge to do both the color and concept. Its a double whammy but very rewarding. Which leads to the next question... Details, tiny details.. and the key word "emblamatic" lends itself to icons, symbols or trademarks... & becoming larger ?? hhmmm. I didn't pull the threads and embells with the fabric this time. I 'll wait till the block is pieced. In my January piece I used some interactive embellishments and would like to try my hand at that again. Now to percolate it all....

I'd made mention about daylights savings time in an earlier post. I thought it was at the end of the month, but it happens this Sunday morn...2/9/08 at 2AM. Back to getting up in the dark again and an offset body clock, but well worth the extra light in the evening.

Till the next time. Jane

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