Friday, October 9, 2009

The Stitching Department

Here's my sitting spot...
2 left over pennants from last year sewn on diag for a table topper??? Now we're on to something.... Time to move on with all of it.. .moot point being this is all about fun... purveying or finishing, wiping off my glasses for anew take... fresher ideas.

The last weeks, I sat and made up some small pages with felt... cathartic because Dad was walking on both sides then.. ... I put alot of stitches into the block shown in previous post ... little prayers as time went on..

Sis had scraps she let me peruse... back in March ?... I sewed these up...

The obligatory cell pouch was made when I had to keep connected with the world.. Arrggghhh..... That damn "phone call" seemed to live constantly in my pocket and I hated it.

and another "postcard square" found it's way into a box . Not much..... but I wasn't a total dud in keeping the needle going, small stitches were good for my soul.

perusing old notes and quilt books again .....contemplating a patterned quilt and one I've done before...Leafy Rosey by Kaffe Fassett is in the running. It uses lots of scraps and variety. Checking out this pattern by Exhuberant Color.... too, how it's so simply cut to make such an easy whole...maybe? .. This fabric has to start getting used up... If I've learned nothing at all recently, its "Use it up, wear it out or give it away"... I'm working on that now.... Nothing here at the house is above ending up at St Vincents or being repurposed for something else. I love being ruthless, it cements "the promise" that I'll always have what I need.

I'm really looking forward to winter this year


sparkle jars said...

It's so wonderful to see your handwork! Beautiful! Those pages are absolutely amazing.

Judy S. said...

Looks like quite a stash you have there, Jane. What are you going to make with the black and white? It's sure good to see you stitching again. I love your blocks and felt pages!

Toni said...

Hi again your stiching is really cool...glad you are on the mend and looking forward to winter...I just dug out my cross country skis...since it snowed today..The Grand Canyon was gotta see it someday...Toni