Monday, January 4, 2010

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Happy New Year to All ...
It's been fun reading everyones take on the New Year... their plans,wishes, goals, aspirations and resolves for 2010. For me, I refuse to prematurely conjure up these next 365. My birthday was the 2nd, (51, I can't believe it) so all hits me quick like a brick... and I've just lived through a year that taught me all about plans... yeah, right! Looking back, maybe the biggest lesson I needed to learn... I'm only given a day at a time... what will I make of it ?
If I can hope for anything at all in this New Year, it will be for me to delve deeper into all the things I love... stretch my mind, experience more in THE moment...fess up to illusions.... something I continue to struggle with in trying to be my original self... no matter what, who, when, where or why.....THERE IS NO NEW THING UNDER THE SUN , Ecclesiastes 1:9 Knowing this......all heat is off for 2010.

I haven't been in a quilt store for ever... Now I know why I took these pics when I was shopping with my sis soooo way back when..... living in the" boonies" does have it's drawbacks and my "fixes" are far and betweenxst.

I miss seeing the class quilts on display and the new patterns and vingettes of FQ and what can be done with them. Living in Skanee leaves alot of room for fabric/idea requisition

Novembers Blotto Block for guild meet
I'm gearing myself up to something I've NEVER done before and hardly feel qualified to pull off... in Feb I've been asked to teach what I know about CQ. with the Superior Stitchers.. My "traditional" guild has finally warmed up to what I 've been putting out for show and tell.... way way back here with my needlebook , the fancy top here and my JB block here. I'm apprehensive but I have a big mouth and know that I can carry on about it. I think by days end we may be able to have a block or 2 pieced, LOL! . I'm approaching it more as a sharing kind of thing and plan on taking my vintage quilt, personal samples and some stash to share. I passed out the "supply list last month". How in the heck do you make a supply list for CQ, I'd love to know , LOL !!! I hope to convert a few so I can have some local comrades

I made this for my sis's Christmas present ...commemorating my Dad. It'll fit right in to the family's "Northwoods" decor in Beulah, Dad's ties found their way into several CQ ornaments for others too, (made with a pic of him at the top of Mount Arvon .) I'll show a pic of the one I kept soon . I was lax at photos in December... more into getting things done and shipped South than anything. I kick myself now, oh well. This year's been tough on us all... yank your heart out losses !!!! My Dad, of course, who left the biggest empty spot imaginable, my cousin Bethany who was lifes inspiration for my whole family ( she died a week after Dad....please see her profile to know what I mean) and then just recently my Aunt Ginny. I was a machine making those photo ornies this year but tt was good memories that I put in every stitch.
Which leaves me to this... my blog is my blog.. I may not have my side lines full of favoites, I may get off topic and not post as often as "I should" but when I'm here I'm sooooo thankful for all of you who are here to read what I have to say... Thank You Everyone for letting me be "Something New Under The Sun"!!!


upwoods said...

Jane, I am just reading your blog with utter fascination. Isn't blogging wonderful?? We will definitely have to get together! I don't know a thing about quilts or stitching or patterns, but we will probably find a lot to talk about! Thank you for finding my blog through Nature Lovin' Super Mama... Smiling from ear to ear, Kathy

Phyllis said...

We share a lot of the same loves especially books and outdoor adventures and of course fabric. I love your blog too. It is great! I also was inspired by your comments on what you intend to do for 2010. I will be back to read and explore. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am fortunate to have people as you visiting.

sparkle jars said...

This was a beautiful post. I read Bethany's profile. What a wonderful person. It's a joy to know you.

Exuberant Color said...

I have taught crazy quilting too and it takes awhile for people to get the concept, especially those who want a pattern with specific pieces and directions. They never got more than a couple blocks done in an all day workshop but about half went home all inspired, the rest glad they came but knew it wasn't for them. Have fun teaching it.

gocrazywithme said...

I love reading your blog! Best of luck with sharing or teaching CQ. I know your passion will show, whether people will share that passion or not is up to them. All you can do is present it.

I'm going to attempt a second hand- embroidery class in Feb. The one in October went very well and was fun. It is an amazing amount of work to get ready for, though!

Cheryl said...

How fun to present CQ to your guild. I am working on getting a CQ special interest group going in mine, but there are a lot of people afraid of the handwork. It gets lonely when you have to go online to find people with common passions!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Jane, thanks for visiting Maddie and me. I really like the two quilts pictures in this post. Some great inspiration there!